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Lead Management Software

We provide easy solutions; with clear and concise advice that will bring your sales team closer to the lead management you expect. Our solutions will be easy for your sales teams to adopt and will provide management with the control they need to make effective decisions. Sales leads are the driving force behind your business, and you can’t afford to handle them poorly, or worse, lose them all together.
Managing leads have never been easier. You can engage with prospective and current clients in a rapid and responsive manner while building and targeting the profile of your ideal prospects. There’s never been a better time than now to make the transition to lead management software, built on a CRM platform from our Sales Management CRM Software.

We can deliver a simplified CRM solution for a budget that fits your business. We know that you need a realistic CRM solution and we’ll use our technical expertise and deep sales process knowledge to deploy your software in a way that will leave you satisfied, and your future customers even more so. We can solve any sales problem, and have fun doing it.

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Sales start with leads. Capturing, nurturing and tracking sales leads is essential to convert them into revenue generating opportunities.

Core Functionality of CRM Management Software

The process begins with sales planning and ends with the generation of leads. Important functions include:

• Planning & Targets

• Personal Information Manager

• Document Management
• Appointment & Tasks

• Target Group Management

• Campaign Management

The process begins with prospect planning & ends at customer acquisition. Important functions include:

• Lead Tracking

• Quote & order capture

• Dynamic Pricing

• Product Pricing

• Alerts Manager

• Claims Management

The process begins with order management and ends with continuous support. Important functions include:

• Order Management

• Collaboration

• Delivery Fulfillment

• Billing & Collections

• Knowledge Management

• Customer Help Desk

Lead Management
Customer management system tools qualify leads, assign by region and qualification to the right sales reps, and keep track of progress using our built-in tools.

Opportunity Management
Use Sales Management software to track timelines, follow up on all opportunity-related tasks and ensure compliance with your approved opportunity management policies (proposal authorizations, etc.).

Account Management
With sales365cloud – client management software, you’ll get a holistic view of the customer, including customer contacts, tasks, sales opportunities, price quotes, order backlog, shipments, invoices, payments, billing status/aging – all consolidated within a single work area.

Sales & Order Targets
Advanced sales management software, Priority helps you create a hierarchy of targets for sales reps, rolling up through the regional level and above.

Target & Forecast Analysis
Slice and dice sales pipeline opportunities by region, timeline, sales rep, product line, quantity, and other dimensions. Roll up data to generate aggregates across any dimension (product, region, sales team and more), or drill down for the details that make up the aggregates.

Marketing campaigns
Creation, management, and measurement of marketing campaigns to selected market segments.

Reports Management
Create and customize reports as per your requirement.

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