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Benefits of Highly effective selling – Sales Management software

Highly successful sales management hinges on maintaining a deep familiarity with your customers, then working with your colleagues to leverage that collective knowledge across all aspects of your business. Long gone are the days of traditional, paper-based processes for managing and evaluating your sales efforts. The advent of sales tracking software has changed the face of sales management forever; with automation, smart workflows, and extensive analysis capabilities, it’s now easier than ever to maintain a strong, successful sales team. There is an exhausting spectrum of software solutions to choose from, but not all are created equal. However, there are some core benefits that every solution should provide to its customers. Here are five key benefits that you should be receiving from your sales tracking software solution:

Sales Software Benefits
Improved Collaboration and Internal Communication
One of the most critically important advantages of leveraging cloud-based, sales tracking software is the ability to aggregate all of a contact’s information on one, universally accessible contact page. Because you’re working in the cloud, every team member—regardless of their department—can have access to view and update information on a contact’s page. Every interaction with that contact is tracked and updated in real time, meaning the information therein will always be up-to-date. This drastically reduces inefficient overlap that occurs when two teams, working in isolation, gather the same information on the same contact. Regardless of who is assisting your customer today, he or she will have all of that customer’s historical data at their fingertips. Sales365cloud CRM lets you rest easy knowing that everyone on your team is aligned in their efforts to support existing customers and convert new leads.

Single page management gives you full visibility into your prospects and customers, including contact information, communication history, social media profiles, interests, lead scores, and more.

• Contact timelines provide a visual representation of contacts’ activity histories, including emails exchanged, website visits, social updates, and dashboard activity.

• Data accessibility is universal when you work in the cloud, empowering your employees to access and work with customer data anytime, from anywhere.

• Activity histories let you quickly glance at your contact’s page and see the emails they have opened, links they have clicked, videos they have watched, and more.

Maximum Operational Efficiency
How much of your staff’s time is spent on routine administrative tasks? What if you could reduce that time by 50% or more through utilizing cloud-based solutions to automate and streamline the majority of your administration? What would you do with all the extra time? In short, you would be able to spend more time and energy where it truly matters most: converting leads, closing deals, and devoting more attention to your customers—ensuring that they are consistently satisfied with your products and services. Sales365cloud CRM empowers you to automate daily administrative tasks and free up time so your team can focus less on keeping the lights on, and more on revenue-driving efforts that help you fulfill your vision and mission.

• Drag-and-drop project management tools enable you to assign tasks to colleagues, trigger task alerts, and see which tasks are complete and which still need attention.

• Intuitive, user-friendly interfaces let you easily navigate your task list, sort by due date, and mark tasks complete as you move through them so that you never fall behind.

• Built-in smart workflows align processes across your organization, guaranteeing consistency in your internal processes and ensuring no steps are missed along the way.

• Advanced telephony capabilities—such as one-click dialing, call scripts, voicemail automation, auto dialer, and call logs—increase the volume of prospects you connect with, extending the reach of your brand.

Deeper Understanding of Customer Behavior and Interests
Selling to someone you know very little about is an uphill struggle. Wouldn’t it be nice to know that the prospect you’re speaking with tends to click on any video you send? Or that a specific segment of prospects engages consistently with infographics, but rarely reads your blog?

Armed with this kind of knowledge about your contacts’ interests and common behaviors, you can properly prepare for and execute the perfect conversation with them.
Sales365cloud CRM provides world-class insight into your prospects and customers, leaving you fully equipped to provide them with what they need, right when they need it.

Advanced web analytics tools let you track the web activity of your prospects and customers; analyze their behavior and identify patterns and tailor your interaction with them accordingly.

Lead scoring capabilities let you score prospects based on their interests and activities. Assign higher scores to your most popular content and highest value behaviors, and lower scores to less impactful behaviors.

Tag-based segmentation allows you to categorize your contacts based on their interests, demographics, and more making it easy to leverage user-centric messaging across customer segments.

Social media integrations let you sync your contacts’ social media profiles and interact with them directly through Sales365cloud CRM.

Greater Insight and More Informed Decision Making

Effective sales management relies heavily on maintaining a clear and accurate view into the progress your team is making. To achieve sustainable, long-lasting success, it is critically important that you are working with actionable insight that has the capacity to drive revenue for your company. When you have access to easily digestible dashboards and custom reporting, you make more informed decisions for example, with the right insight you can identify bottlenecks that are slowing down the flow of your sales funnel, dig deeper to understand where and why deals are stalling and take action to course-correct.

Moreover, if your software solution provides powerful reporting and visual dashboards around companywide revenue generation and sales performance, you can begin to forecast future sales and company growth. Knowledge is power, and with the right insights into your ongoing and historical results, you’ll feel more confident in how you will perform over the next quarter.

Sales365cloud CRM puts all that information and insight right at your fingertips, giving you peace of mind that every important decision you make is informed by reliable, quantifiable data.

• Lead conversion reports show you how quickly leads are passing through your funnel and let you better understand how many deals are at each stage of the pipeline.

• Sales funnel analysis empowers sales managers to evaluate the performance of their teams and develop sustainable strategies for ensuring important sales KPIs continue to perform.
Predictive analytics helps you more accurately forecast future revenue and close rates based on pipeline activity.

• Automated email reports provide insight into leads created, leads converted, and a variety of Additional criteria that you select when creating custom reports, giving you the information, you need most.

• Cohort analysis allows you to slice and dice your data in order to analyze the behavior of specific categories of users or customers so that you can adapt your approach accordingly moving forward.

More Satisfied Customers Over the Long Term
Winning deals is generally the top priority of a sales team. But what about keeping new customers satisfied once their contract is signed? If recurring revenue is part of your business model, customer retention is of paramount importance. Even if not, ensuring that your new customers are happy is crucial if you want brand recognition through word of mouth. Best in class sales tracking software improves customer satisfaction in many ways. Automation of daily tasks frees time for your staff so they can devote more time to one-on-one interactions with customers. Incorporating automated surveys to gather customer feedback enables you to aggregate and analyze their responses and respond more quickly when a customer needs assistance or has a question. A happy customer is a reliable revenue source, and the right software solution ensures you excel in customer satisfaction.

Sales365cloud CRM propels you to the next level of customer retention and satisfaction, ensuring long-term interest in your brand.

• Online calendar views allow prospects and customers to schedule their own appointments with you, guaranteeing that their appointment time is always convenient for them.

• More information about customers with a 360° single page view of their interests, history, etc. allows you to provide a personalized, world-class experience with every interaction.

• Integrated helpdesk features let your support team view support ticket histories, respond to customer issues more quickly, and continually analyze and improve upon your service.

• Advanced communication tools and automated communications mean that your customers are never left wondering when you will respond to them.

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