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Sales Management Software Benefits

A sales management system can drive company effectiveness by minimizing admin tasks and centralizing buyer data. The system provides the sales supervisor to allocate tasks to the right sales person and preferences good leads, as well as enhancing forecasting and analytics.

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The key benefits of a sales management system include:
More granular prioritization
A detailed overview of customer history
Automated workflow and reduced admin
Improved forecasting, analytics and reports

1. More granular prioritization
A good sales CRM software helps managers to priorities account actions and assign them to the right rep for the job. For example, the system could help the team to tailor customer-specific developments or packages based on an analysis of the client’s needs. It will also recommend and filter leads to help focus on those that are most likely to lead to revenue for each product.
2. A detailed overview of customer history
Sales365cloud – Sales CRM Software Solutions, every communication by sales, marketing or customer representatives can be held in the same place allowing every employee to understand the customer journey so far. This type of overview ensures there’s no going over old ground with a customer, wasting their time and yours, but more importantly, sales staff can approach each customer with a personal touch, just by knowing their history.

3. Automated workflow and reduced admin
Sales CRM software solution keeps your reps focused on sales, not distracted by mounting admin tasks. Most software can identify the important information in calls, emails, texts and documents and track responses to those so the database is up-to-the-minute. They also help with contact management by automatically creating reminders and calendar tasks for staff to follow up on leads after initial contact or simply contact a long-time customer when it’s been a while.

4. Improved forecasting, analytics and reports
Sales management solutions can assess sales cycles, competitiveness and the effectiveness of sales campaigns and tools. By analyzing traffic volumes and sales conversion ratios, for example, the software can assess performance and identify areas that need improving. It can also capture and compile data to make sales forecasting much simpler and help the future pipeline by identifying where effective lead sources are coming from. Advanced sales management tools

With the internet at their fingers, customers are more sophisticated than ever and they expect companies to meet that level of sophistication. They want to be able to communicate with and source information from businesses quickly and easily; they want customer service online and through social networks as well as over the phone.

Sales representatives also want and expect advanced tools to help them do their job well. Cloud and mobile applications and access to high quality, real-time customer information have moved from niceto-have to essentials of the sales toolkit.

Cloud-based working
Taking sales management systems into the cloud gives you all the benefits of the software, accessible from anywhere. That means that sales staff can complete tasks like collaboration, monitoring their performance, managing partner programs and viewing workflow and approvals both when they’re in and out of the office.
Many cloud-based sales solutions also offer sales management tools as applications so employees can access them from their mobiles.

Mobile apps
It’s not enough to be able to just access cloud-based systems on the go. For the best functionality, sales software needs to offer native mobile sales management applications with mobile-specific features that are intuitive and easy to use. The best of these will also work offline so sales staff can continue to input data in black spots and that data will later be synced up to cloud when they reconnect.

Mobile apps can also offer nifty additional features, such as using smartphones’ geolocation features. Geolocation can help sales staff to plan efficient routes when they’re visiting clients in person, map customers to visualize their sales region and even sync with car GPS to get quick site nav directions.

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