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Sales Lead Management Software help your business to close more leads

Our Sales CRM software Module is especially designed to help you fortify your company’s sales activities, better customer services and have complete control on company’s sales and marketing. Citta Solutions – Sales Management Software module aptly connects many interfaces right from design to distribution and from engineering to order processing.

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In our Sales management system module, there is emphasis on additional features. With generation of extensive sales orders, you can also manage customer details along with it, Tracking minute to minute information like shipping or dispatch data, taxes associated with prices, etc. is also now possible with our sales modules. Account manager can beneficially use our account management software to generate the track records.
Here at Sales Lead Management Software, we offer you an all-in-one package by way of this Sales module and accounting software, something that is a must in a professional organization like yours. Here are some of the salient features of this module:

• Smart options to record everything – inquiries, prices, terms, quotations and orders.

• Complete control on order backlogs, delivery issues, return cases, etc.

• Ability to set your key performance indicators.

• Ability to position exclusive business metrics.

• Elaborate reports helping accurate analysis.

But beyond those broad attributes, there are some really peculiarities that make our Sales CRM software stand out:

• Sales Order Management:
A bouquet of features comes wrapped in our module’s Sales Order section:
o Speedy and perfect sales order processing.

o Error-free ordering overall.

o Information leading to strategic business decisions.

o Every sales detail pertaining to the sales representative, region/territory, etc.

o Intricate reports based upon sales orders processed.

o Convert reports / sheets into documentable files, as per ISO guidelines.

o Limitless shipment addresses storage.

• Accounting Management:

o Manage customer credits; integrate them with their limits and balances.

o Get smart computing options with in-built tax calculations.

o Track sales incentives, commissions, etc. to generate special report.

o Generate exact invoices electronically. o Simplified quote to order conversion.

• Sales Reports Management:

o Because of its extensive report generation options, you are better off in producing reports as per your needs, whether as per order status, against indents raised or according to the item being sold.

o With its versatile options, you can spot and get specific reports as for delayed shipments, pending orders, commissions paid, etc.

o Accurate tax calculation already considered, you can now track location specific tax liability as applicable.

o To analyze sales details and chalk a more futuristic plan, you can get territory-wise, customer-wise or sale representative-wise reports, as required.

o Track your top 10 customers that constitute majority of your business.

o Keep a close watch on your top 20 items in highlight.

Together with many customized alternatives, Citta Solutions Sales Management Software goes extra miles. So here is a complete software with every feature of which has been designed from your perspective!

To get quick demo of our software visit or you can directly call us at +91-8140297820 or you can email your requirement or query regarding software or solution at


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