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Benefits of Highly effective selling – Sales Management software

Highly successful sales management hinges on maintaining a deep familiarity with your customers, then working with your colleagues to leverage that collective knowledge across all aspects of your business. Long gone are the days of traditional, paper-based processes for managing and evaluating your sales efforts. The advent of sales tracking software has changed the face of sales management forever; with automation, smart workflows, and extensive analysis capabilities, it’s now easier than ever to maintain a strong, successful sales team. There is an exhausting spectrum of software solutions to choose from, but not all are created equal. However, there are some core benefits that every solution should provide to its customers. Here are five key benefits that you should be receiving from your sales tracking software solution:

Sales Software Benefits
Improved Collaboration and Internal Communication
One of the most critically important advantages of leveraging cloud-based, sales tracking software is the ability to aggregate all of a contact’s information on one, universally accessible contact page. Because you’re working in the cloud, every team member—regardless of their department—can have access to view and update information on a contact’s page. Every interaction with that contact is tracked and updated in real time, meaning the information therein will always be up-to-date. This drastically reduces inefficient overlap that occurs when two teams, working in isolation, gather the same information on the same contact. Regardless of who is assisting your customer today, he or she will have all of that customer’s historical data at their fingertips. Sales365cloud CRM lets you rest easy knowing that everyone on your team is aligned in their efforts to support existing customers and convert new leads.

Single page management gives you full visibility into your prospects and customers, including contact information, communication history, social media profiles, interests, lead scores, and more.

• Contact timelines provide a visual representation of contacts’ activity histories, including emails exchanged, website visits, social updates, and dashboard activity.

• Data accessibility is universal when you work in the cloud, empowering your employees to access and work with customer data anytime, from anywhere.

• Activity histories let you quickly glance at your contact’s page and see the emails they have opened, links they have clicked, videos they have watched, and more.

Maximum Operational Efficiency
How much of your staff’s time is spent on routine administrative tasks? What if you could reduce that time by 50% or more through utilizing cloud-based solutions to automate and streamline the majority of your administration? What would you do with all the extra time? In short, you would be able to spend more time and energy where it truly matters most: converting leads, closing deals, and devoting more attention to your customers—ensuring that they are consistently satisfied with your products and services. Sales365cloud CRM empowers you to automate daily administrative tasks and free up time so your team can focus less on keeping the lights on, and more on revenue-driving efforts that help you fulfill your vision and mission.

• Drag-and-drop project management tools enable you to assign tasks to colleagues, trigger task alerts, and see which tasks are complete and which still need attention.

• Intuitive, user-friendly interfaces let you easily navigate your task list, sort by due date, and mark tasks complete as you move through them so that you never fall behind.

• Built-in smart workflows align processes across your organization, guaranteeing consistency in your internal processes and ensuring no steps are missed along the way.

• Advanced telephony capabilities—such as one-click dialing, call scripts, voicemail automation, auto dialer, and call logs—increase the volume of prospects you connect with, extending the reach of your brand.

Deeper Understanding of Customer Behavior and Interests
Selling to someone you know very little about is an uphill struggle. Wouldn’t it be nice to know that the prospect you’re speaking with tends to click on any video you send? Or that a specific segment of prospects engages consistently with infographics, but rarely reads your blog?

Armed with this kind of knowledge about your contacts’ interests and common behaviors, you can properly prepare for and execute the perfect conversation with them.
Sales365cloud CRM provides world-class insight into your prospects and customers, leaving you fully equipped to provide them with what they need, right when they need it.

Advanced web analytics tools let you track the web activity of your prospects and customers; analyze their behavior and identify patterns and tailor your interaction with them accordingly.

Lead scoring capabilities let you score prospects based on their interests and activities. Assign higher scores to your most popular content and highest value behaviors, and lower scores to less impactful behaviors.

Tag-based segmentation allows you to categorize your contacts based on their interests, demographics, and more making it easy to leverage user-centric messaging across customer segments.

Social media integrations let you sync your contacts’ social media profiles and interact with them directly through Sales365cloud CRM.

Greater Insight and More Informed Decision Making

Effective sales management relies heavily on maintaining a clear and accurate view into the progress your team is making. To achieve sustainable, long-lasting success, it is critically important that you are working with actionable insight that has the capacity to drive revenue for your company. When you have access to easily digestible dashboards and custom reporting, you make more informed decisions for example, with the right insight you can identify bottlenecks that are slowing down the flow of your sales funnel, dig deeper to understand where and why deals are stalling and take action to course-correct.

Moreover, if your software solution provides powerful reporting and visual dashboards around companywide revenue generation and sales performance, you can begin to forecast future sales and company growth. Knowledge is power, and with the right insights into your ongoing and historical results, you’ll feel more confident in how you will perform over the next quarter.

Sales365cloud CRM puts all that information and insight right at your fingertips, giving you peace of mind that every important decision you make is informed by reliable, quantifiable data.

• Lead conversion reports show you how quickly leads are passing through your funnel and let you better understand how many deals are at each stage of the pipeline.

• Sales funnel analysis empowers sales managers to evaluate the performance of their teams and develop sustainable strategies for ensuring important sales KPIs continue to perform.
Predictive analytics helps you more accurately forecast future revenue and close rates based on pipeline activity.

• Automated email reports provide insight into leads created, leads converted, and a variety of Additional criteria that you select when creating custom reports, giving you the information, you need most.

• Cohort analysis allows you to slice and dice your data in order to analyze the behavior of specific categories of users or customers so that you can adapt your approach accordingly moving forward.

More Satisfied Customers Over the Long Term
Winning deals is generally the top priority of a sales team. But what about keeping new customers satisfied once their contract is signed? If recurring revenue is part of your business model, customer retention is of paramount importance. Even if not, ensuring that your new customers are happy is crucial if you want brand recognition through word of mouth. Best in class sales tracking software improves customer satisfaction in many ways. Automation of daily tasks frees time for your staff so they can devote more time to one-on-one interactions with customers. Incorporating automated surveys to gather customer feedback enables you to aggregate and analyze their responses and respond more quickly when a customer needs assistance or has a question. A happy customer is a reliable revenue source, and the right software solution ensures you excel in customer satisfaction.

Sales365cloud CRM propels you to the next level of customer retention and satisfaction, ensuring long-term interest in your brand.

• Online calendar views allow prospects and customers to schedule their own appointments with you, guaranteeing that their appointment time is always convenient for them.

• More information about customers with a 360° single page view of their interests, history, etc. allows you to provide a personalized, world-class experience with every interaction.

• Integrated helpdesk features let your support team view support ticket histories, respond to customer issues more quickly, and continually analyze and improve upon your service.

• Advanced communication tools and automated communications mean that your customers are never left wondering when you will respond to them.

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Sales Management Software Features

Close more deals with contact management, collaboration, marketing tools, and more.
No matter the size of your company, all sales representative share one common goal — the desire to be a top performer. Our CRM software features can help with that.

New start-ups are emerging each day and the existing businesses are expanding itself giving a tough run to their competitors. Businesses now have become a way too complex and competitive making it difficult to retain customers. On the other hand, it’s a plus point for the customer; they have the number of options available. If you fail to provide the service they want, at the time they requested they are definitely going to look for the next best option.

Sales Management Software Features.jpg

Now just imagine if you get a superpower which helps you track information about your interested customers. You can know what they want, how they found you, what is their location, their contact number and other details. All you then need to do is provide them the information they want before your competitor does it. Sales Management Software is here to help you gain that superpower by streamlining the entire sales process.

Make sure your Sales Management Software vendor has these basic features:

Now it’s a high time you change the traditional methods of running the sales team and adapt sales management software that makes sure that your sales team and your potential customers are freed from all that extra stress.
Ask yourself a certain question before getting sales management software, never rush your decision-making process. Will it mingle with your current sales process? Will it prove productive to your company’s social media functions? Will your software vendor extend support in case of trouble arises?

Make sure you are getting user-friendly software for your employees. It should be less technical with easy navigation and proper layout. It should be beneficial for your sales management team in every manner. Although software price is an important consideration, yet again the transformation that sales management tool will bring to your business cannot be ignored. Last but not the least make sure it matches with your sales team’s objective, requirement, and expectation.

There are some key features which you should always look for when getting yourself a sales management software.

Account and Contact Management
Have a complete view of your customers, including activity history, key contacts, customer communications, and internal account discussions. Gain insights from popular social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn — right within Sales365cloud.

Opportunity Management
Get a complete view of your team’s deals with Opportunity Management. See stage, products, competition, quotes, and more. Stay connected to the people and information you need to close every sale.

Get more leads
Build your own “lead machine” to improve conversion rates and grow your revenue.

Lead Management
Track your leads from click to close, while continually optimizing your campaigns across every channel. Make smarter decisions about where to invest your marketing dollars.

Sales Data
Get the right sales data at the right time with sales365cloud. Connect with key decision makers faster. Easily plan territories. Increase sales and marketing productivity with the latest, most accurate data.

Accelerate productivity.
Every deal. Every day. Here are the Sales Cloud features that help you focus on what matters most: working with customers to close deals. Anywhere.

The Sales365cloud mobile app turns your mobile device into a portable sales office. You can log calls, respond to hot leads, work opportunities, or check dashboards no matter where you are.

Workflow and Approvals
Use Visual Workflow to rapidly design and automate any business process with drag-and-drop simplicity. And drive success with flexible approvals processes for deal discounts, expenses, and more.

Files Sync and Share
Now it’s easier to share files, discuss them, publish the best, and track your content in real time. Quickly find what you’re looking for, share it securely, and even subscribe to receive alerts when something changes.

Make insightful decisions.
Discover the powerful CRM software features that turn data into actionable insight that everyone can access from anywhere.

Sales Forecasting
Fast, easy, accurate. Get a real-time view into your team’s forecasts. Use in-line editing, override visibility, multi currency support, and more to stay on top of your business.

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Advantages of Sales Management Software

Using sales management software offers wide-ranging organizational benefits for an enterprise and can help it to achieve its competitive and profit goals. The best sales management software aids in business budgeting and planning to improve a small business’ overall success. Read on to learn the many advantages of effectively using sales management software.

Sales Management Software.jpg
Strategic Account Management:

A top-rated sales management system can be a knowledge database that provides access and information about sales accounts. This can help to reduce the challenges and problems faced while handling a large portfolio of accounts. Companies will be able to identify the sales accounts that provide the most promise and revenue. And, they can filter out the less promising accounts. This enables sales managers to distribute and prioritize accounts effectively. The sales team can pitch unique promotions and packages to each account to enhance the chances of closing the deal.

Leveraged Analytics:

Comprehensive analytics is essential for improved business planning. Implementing a good sales management software system can help a business assess sales cycle, target characteristics, competitive positioning, and the effectiveness of sales campaigns and tools.
These analytics can assist sales reps to concentrate on business areas that are most productive and profitable.

Accurate Forecasting:

Inadequate information can lead to inaccurate sales forecasts. The best sales management software systems capture data efficiently and provide critical information that helps sales reps to make accurate forecasts. The data is easily managed and projected. This simple procedure can be quite a relief for sales managers.
Effective Inventory Management A good sales management software system can help to manage inventory more effectively. It can provide up-to-date information on the latest inventory scenarios that can help sales managers to make important decisions on new deals. They can utilize existing inventory to provide goods to the most profitable current customers.

More Benefits of Sales Management Software:

Sales management software aids in lead acquisition, verification, qualification, prospecting, assignment routing, and deal closure. This type of package has become an integral part of managing leads and improvising on them to enhance sales prospects. Here are a few more benefits.
Focus on Automated Business Businesses can cut expenses, save time spent in manual work, and reduce risks. They can focus more effectively on their core competencies and overall management and spend less time on time-consuming manual tasks.

Easy to Use:

A top-rated sales management software tool is easy to use because of its intuitive interface. It can make a sales rep’s job simpler by providing quick access to data and links. You can use the application to improve conversion ratios and revenue, and to expand the customer base.
Analysis and Reports Sales management software can help a company gauge the effectiveness of its various sales and marketing campaigns. It can determine if traffic volumes and sales conversion ratios meet the set targets. Past performances can be analyzed, and shortcomings can be identified and mended to improve revenue and profit.

More Focus on Sales:
Sales reps would be able to focus on core activities and not on administrative work. Since upto-date information is available on customers, the sales team can easily sell services and products to them. Sales reps can easily access information in the centralized database from anywhere, anytime, whenever they need it.

Customization Options:

The sales management software system can be easily customized to suit the requirements of the company. This can help to prepare unique sales data for each individual team to enhance their effectiveness and productivity.

Hidden Benefits of Sales Management Software:

Apart from the above-mentioned tangible advantages, there are also a few hidden benefits you can get by using sales management software. We have summarized them below.
Helps to Manage Lead Sources You would be able to calculate the returns you get from each lead source. This would enable you to allot the most resources and money to useful and effective lead sources. You would thus be able to save money spent on less effective lead sources and focus on the lucrative ones.

You can Convert More Leads

You would be able to match sales leads with specific agents by using sales management software. For example, you can send an agent who is an electronics specialist to a lead who is the proprietor of a television business. This will increase the chances of closing the deal. You would also be able to identify which sales reps have built good rapport with customers and match them to increase sales and profit.

Provides Useful Notes on Previous Customer Interactions

Sales management software can be used to note down details of previous interactions with customers and the outcomes of previous calls. When a prospective customer calls your company, they would not have to repeat everything again. The sales rep who takes the call would merely have to read the notes to get up to speed on what is the deal with this customer. He or she can take effective action to carry forward the conversation and close the deal.

Eases Load on Your Employees:

Some businesses make their employees work on multiple programs and tasks. This increases their workload and stress as they have to keep toggling between these various programs. Sales management software enables marketers, sales agents, and customer service reps to perform all their tasks in the same data repository. They would be able to handle their CRM, sales goals, and lead management without having to alternate between various programs. This reduces work-related stress on employees and makes them more efficient, which leads to increased sales and lower attrition rates.

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Lead Management Software

We provide easy solutions; with clear and concise advice that will bring your sales team closer to the lead management you expect. Our solutions will be easy for your sales teams to adopt and will provide management with the control they need to make effective decisions. Sales leads are the driving force behind your business, and you can’t afford to handle them poorly, or worse, lose them all together.
Managing leads have never been easier. You can engage with prospective and current clients in a rapid and responsive manner while building and targeting the profile of your ideal prospects. There’s never been a better time than now to make the transition to lead management software, built on a CRM platform from our Sales Management CRM Software.

We can deliver a simplified CRM solution for a budget that fits your business. We know that you need a realistic CRM solution and we’ll use our technical expertise and deep sales process knowledge to deploy your software in a way that will leave you satisfied, and your future customers even more so. We can solve any sales problem, and have fun doing it.

Sales Funnel_sales365cloud.jpg

Sales start with leads. Capturing, nurturing and tracking sales leads is essential to convert them into revenue generating opportunities.

Core Functionality of CRM Management Software

The process begins with sales planning and ends with the generation of leads. Important functions include:

• Planning & Targets

• Personal Information Manager

• Document Management
• Appointment & Tasks

• Target Group Management

• Campaign Management

The process begins with prospect planning & ends at customer acquisition. Important functions include:

• Lead Tracking

• Quote & order capture

• Dynamic Pricing

• Product Pricing

• Alerts Manager

• Claims Management

The process begins with order management and ends with continuous support. Important functions include:

• Order Management

• Collaboration

• Delivery Fulfillment

• Billing & Collections

• Knowledge Management

• Customer Help Desk

Lead Management
Customer management system tools qualify leads, assign by region and qualification to the right sales reps, and keep track of progress using our built-in tools.

Opportunity Management
Use Sales Management software to track timelines, follow up on all opportunity-related tasks and ensure compliance with your approved opportunity management policies (proposal authorizations, etc.).

Account Management
With sales365cloud – client management software, you’ll get a holistic view of the customer, including customer contacts, tasks, sales opportunities, price quotes, order backlog, shipments, invoices, payments, billing status/aging – all consolidated within a single work area.

Sales & Order Targets
Advanced sales management software, Priority helps you create a hierarchy of targets for sales reps, rolling up through the regional level and above.

Target & Forecast Analysis
Slice and dice sales pipeline opportunities by region, timeline, sales rep, product line, quantity, and other dimensions. Roll up data to generate aggregates across any dimension (product, region, sales team and more), or drill down for the details that make up the aggregates.

Marketing campaigns
Creation, management, and measurement of marketing campaigns to selected market segments.

Reports Management
Create and customize reports as per your requirement.

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You must be aware about Sales management Software Features before purchasing any CRM Software

New start-ups are emerging each day and the existing businesses are expanding itself giving a tough run to their competitors. Businesses now have become a way too complex and competitive making it difficult to retain customers. On the other hand, it’s a plus point for the customer; they have the number of options available. If you fail to provide the service they want, at the time they requested they are definitely going to look for the next best option.

Make sure Sales Management Software vendor has these basic features:

Now it’s a high time you change the traditional methods of running the sales team and adapt sales management software that makes sure that your sales team and your potential customers are freed from all that extra stress.

There are some key features which you should always look for when getting yourself a sales management software.

  1. Contact Management

In every business sales department, it’s actually people interacting people. Therefore it is necessary to have a comprehensible contact management system in place. Customer data is organized in a centralized location. Various customer data like his contact number, demographic, customer service interaction can be saved and retrieved here.

  1. Lead Management

Helps you get a 360-degree view of the sales activity, deals cracked till now and tasks undertaken. It also connects to the contact management system which provides a complete view of the customer and his interactions so far.

3. Dashboard

It consolidates streams of data coming from various sources in a meaningful way that generates patterns trends and behavior and other market insights. Some software also provides advanced features like tracking lead data from the third party websites.

4. Deals and task

Sales Management tools allow you to add, assign and track significant items and add them to your business pipeline. Deals and tasks get populated by itself using customer data. Another way to do this is updated using real-time information.

5. Sales Order Management

It’s the time when all your hard work pays off starting from your first interaction with the client till when he actually places an order. This is one of the most important features your software should have. as it ensures you are making your customer happy by delivering products on time irrespective of their geographical location. You can incorporate this feature or can get yourself a completely different sales order management software to track the delivery process from the moment the order is placed till it is delivered to your customer. Your software should be able to do some core functionality, obviously starting with sales order management, General Accounting, Inventory Management, Warehouse Management and Delivery Management.

Now if you are multicenter organization then you will have to look for one more additional feature i.e the lead distribution feature. It’s very important for such organization to manage few things to avoid mistakes and increase efficiency. These are listed as below:

  • Centralized Lead Management in place: Have a centralized lead Management Software in place, but also take proper care of how its access should be granted. Restrict users from viewing confidential information. You would obviously not want to overwrite data by the sales manager from another location.
  • Distribution of Lead Automatically: The software should automatically distribute lead to particular centers and salespeople using location and another lead attributes. This avoids manual errors, makes the potential customers experience better as local communication give them a flexibility of expressing their needs in the language they are most comfortable.
  • Different Analytics for different centers: Gives an Analytics report that helps you analyze if a particular center is getting proper ROI. It also gives you details about the best and the worst performing centers so the future actions to be taken can be decided accordingly.

You will exactly know about our software Sales365cloud Features using below snapshot.

Sales365cloud_Feature_19 April,2018_V1.0.png

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CRM Management software features guide you to boost your sales

Are you still using CRM software or Excel Sheet to manage your sales data? Are your sales campaigns failing to meet monthly sales targets? Every business specialization deserves dedicated software, from customer relationship management to employee management and beyond. So if you are a sales manager and need to boost your sales margin why not use a sales management software?Are you still using CRM software or Excel Sheet to manage your sales data? Are your sales campaigns failing to meet monthly sales targets? Every business specialization deserves dedicated software, from customer relationship management to employee management and beyond. So if you are a sales manager and need to boost your sales margin why not use a sales management software?

CRM_Management_Features_sales365cloud_4 April,2018
Sales management software helps you automate sales procedures and redundant tasks such as attaining leads, quotes, conversions and generating periodic sales reports. Collecting key sales information in an Excel sheet is tedious and time consuming. With sales management software you can seamlessly calculate key sales performance indicators that include lead time, conversion rates, and win-loss ratio. Sales management software can give you a detailed picture of your sales team’s work on different products, services, locations, and customers.This article provides a comprehensive list of functionalities that you should look for before purchasing Sales365cloud – Sales management software. The features guide below lists the features of each functionality and the benefits they offer your sales team.Let’s start with an analysis of the core functionalities present in sales management software.

Core functionalities of Sales Management Software

⦁ Funnel: Manage all campaigns online at one place.

⦁ Dashboard: Make a plan with the team and assign a task.

⦁ Inventory Management: Using Barcoding functionality manage inventory.

⦁ AMC [Annual Maintenance Contract]: Maintain a record of starting and ending date of contract and history.

⦁ Complain Management: Users / Clients complain details.

⦁ Mobile CRM App: Mobile app functionality allow a user to update CRM anywhere anytime.

⦁ CRM – Loyalty Card: Credit management with history.

⦁ Budget Management: Targeted budget information about a perticular project. Or company monthly/weekly budget management history.

⦁ Campaign Management: Marketing related data will manage here.

⦁ Rights Management: As per designation and department rights will be allocate.

Detailing of Core Functionalities

FUNNEL: Centralise and manage all of your online campaigns in one convenient location with our Marketing Automation tool. Our Sales Funnel module helps sales team to forecast,focus,prioritize & win high probable sales opportunities. Successful and reliable sales forecasting is a key element of any sales strategy, and this is where our system really comes into its own.

DASHBOARD: Plan Task with team. Or you can assign task to perticular person. And also follow up details for that client you can store. In this module you can view log call of that client so any person get exact idea about that project. If group discussion or event is necessary for that client or product, you can create event for that client(project) and others which are involve in this project they are see that event. Using management tool user can manage organization and many branches at one place.

INVENTORY MANAGEMENT: Sales365cloud extends beyond the traditional CRM functions and enable complete sales cycle management features by integrating online inventory management features. Such as Products,Vendors, Sales, Orders, and Invoices with the Sales related modules such as Leads, Accounts & Contacts, and Opportunities. Barcoded imprinted Receipts makes it easy to enter the information in system fast and error-free.

AMC [ANNUAL MAINTENANCE CONTRACT]: We provide AMC Module in which you can add,view starting date and ending date of contract. You can assign contract to perticular person with notes related to project. You can view whole details of client so any person will assume the project motive. It manages all your customer details and their product purchase information. AMC module keeps track of all the information related to a particular annual maintenance contract which is accessible by just one click of a computer Keyboard.

COMPLAIN MANAGEMENT: Once a customer brought your product, each time he/she contact you for support you need to log a complaint with ticket number so as to track the complaint till it`s resolution up-to customer satisfaction.

MOBILE CRM APP:With Android mobile apps you can work from anywhere, any time. Mobile CRM App helps sales team to access the complete CRM in the mobile phone. Sales Team can view daily plan, update customer visits & update daily sales reports. The mobile CRM app has all relevant information such as leads, opportunities, customer contacts such that the salesperson can effectively close the sale.

CRM – LOYALTY CARD: Credit Management – Allow client to use your application without pay full payment of that application. In this tool save that client information with due amount and due date. After that day if client doesn`t pay full payment system will autogenerate mail and text and send to client for left payment.

BUDGET MANAGEMENT: Budget tool give you the functionality to save your targeted budget information about that project. You can also save team information which work on that project.

CAMPAIGN MANAGEMENT: In this tool, user can store information related exhibition, event spends exact cost. Also, store covered cost so you learn how much money you gain or loss from that exhibition or event.

RIGHTS MANAGEMENT: (Whom data see whom)Rights management tool useful to User so that he/she gave rights level wise. Like if you are company owner then you have all rights to add, view, edit or delete any content but if you are Employee then your rights are limited. Rights management also gave employee department wise.
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