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Amazing Features of Sales Management Software

A growing number of companies these days are opting for sales CRM solutions to improve productivity and results across sales personnel. There are several features, which perform such sales management software beneficial for organizations.

Refining Marketing Strategies
One of the main reasons why many companies worldwide are utilizing sales automation tools is because others can use data from the customer database of many software to determine individual customer demographics and decisions. This detail can be critical in developing the ultimate marketing campaigns from companies. The data collected from the customer relationship management software includes information on which commodities or services customers favor their standard demographics as well as, which time of the year those customers are most likely to buy. Using such data, companies can easily customize their marketing campaigns and procedures in the future to improve revenues.
Instant Information
Unlike other software, customer relationship management systems include centralized information, which is accessible to only sales organizations and additional activities within the organization. Therefore, the whole sales cycle from the primary point of contact until the closing sale achievement can be accomplished in a single snapshot with a click of a button. Data inside such sales automation systems not only expedite more business automation but can also be customized and filtered as per different team decisions.

Better Customer Service
Inside sales management software, businesses cannot simply track sales information pertaining to customers but also events connected with a customer post sales. Therefore, if a customer has communicated the company or has an issue, which is yet to be fixed, all of this information is provided inside the sales database along with accurate information and data such as whether callbacks are registered, what date and time these callbacks have been registered etc. In this manner, sales teams and customer service representatives can manage individual client issues or complaints in a timely manner, assure the effective resolution of all issues and enable greater levels of customer satisfaction.

More Recurring Sales
Since such a sales management system enables company sales personnel to assure timely analysis of issues, clients are automatically satisfied with the outcome. This also requires that such clients are more liable to remain loyal to the brand, thereby assuring more recurring sales and revenues.

Targeted Marketing
The customer connection management software contains data, which serves businesses understand customer choices in terms of products and assistance. Using such data, organizations will make more incisive and targeted marketing campaigns, which directly mark the needs of customers. This automatically assures that customers will be more likely to purchase outcomes from the company. This guarantees more quantities of sales and revenues for the company. Marketing and promotional elements can easily be sent out to consumers as and when new deals are out as all client information is readily available in a click through the sales management software.
Thus, advancing in a sales management system paves the process for many benefits for any business and many businesses are getting out the advantages – time you did too!
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CRM Management Software, Lead management software, sales management software, sales software

Powerful Lead Management Tool Sales365cloud At Your Fingertips

There’s a simple reason why Sales365cloud – Sales lead management software is the preferred lead management tool for top producers in the health insurance industry. It’s designed with their needs in mind.

Powerful Lead management software_24 September 2018
It’s a 24-hour administrative associate so dominant that many brokers and agents are saving money by not having to hire an admin to help them handle their candidate list.
Sales365cloud offers proven cutting-edge tools in a convenient online dashboard that makes lead management a breeze. It works with leads from multiple sources. And with just one click, you can access all your lead data or take advantage of the powerful tools and features only Sales365cloud – sales management software can bring together:

• Lead tracking Effective lead management begins with lead tracking. Sales365cloud – sales CRM lets you stay on top of all your prospects, whether you have a few dozen or a few thousand. You can trace the status of each lead and then compare the ROIs of various lead sources.

• Secure data storage Preserve your lead data from unexpected loss or theft with our ultra-secure servers.

Firewalls and SSL encryption preserve your data from hackers while retaining them always accessible only to you. Our redundant systems and co-location back-up suggest that your lead data will nevermore be lost. Plus, our web-based system means your sales staff can more immediately recover from minor disruptions to your office.

• Distribute leads Routing leads to your agents can soon be effortless while you upgrade to the agency lead administration system.

• Lead sales reports Get complete reports on your leads anytime you require them. You can quickly see where particular leads are in your sales pipeline and prioritize your efforts.

• Client communication Sales365cloud makes it easy to stay connected with prospects with the handy appointment scheduler. You can also email personalized proposals, reminders and marketing messages to individual leads from the Sales365cloud dashboard.

• Integration This is part of the powerful sales365cloud software of sales automation and web marketing tools, so it easily integrates with your system.

• Document management Your sales365cloud account comes with a built-in library of forms and brochures from the nation’s leading carriers. You can later forward copies of these informative documents to your leads in real time to help you close your sale.

• Knowledge Base Take advantage of dozens of resources, including Brochure, PPT, Feature list and articles to help you put your marketing and Sales365cloud tool into overdrive — free for Sales365cloud clients.

Sales365cloud is the preferred CRM tool for top health insurance agents. See how it can help increase your productivity and ROI by taking a demo today.
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CRM Management Software, Lead management software, sales management software, sales software

Top CRM Features and Functionality List of Sales365cloud

The Sales Management software – CRM can carry a lot of the workload for business and sales processes. A Sales365cloud – CRM solution along with its native marketing integrations open up amazing opportunities for small businesses and large enterprises to thrive. Now more than ever, businesses need to expertly manage prospects and existing customers with great care. Using a CRM platform with the right features is an essential part of that strategy.

CRM_Management_Features_sales365cloud_4 April,2018.PNG
Contact Management
This feature enables you to segment your contacts into groups to coordinate them. You’ll be able to find crucial customer data and reinforce your marketing strategies when launching new products.

Sales Team and Customer Opportunity Management
Quantifying the possibilities that your selling team has with clients is a comparatively new feature. You can now discover the customers that are many reasons to convert using this technology and improve your sales method.

Lead Management Software for Determining High-Quality Leads
This technology enables a manufacturer to decide the best customers to follow up with based upon demographic and psychographic factors. Work smarter, not stimulating when it comes to scattering down leads.

Reports and Dashboards
Users can view statistics in an extremely visual, appealing perspective using customized reports and dashboards. These give real-time data updates and a program that can be accessed from various portals, improving ease of access for a diversity of workers.

Customizable Home Screen and Layouts
The user interface (UI) of the program is flexible enough to provide the visual perspective of everything including the home screen. Designs can be changed and customized to fit customers’ preferences. The more spontaneous the design, the more likely it is that clicks will convert to purchases.

Sales Analytics
Create sufficient sales campaigns in the prospect by examining the hard data of past campaigns. Collect data from social media, polls and website traffic, then investigate it—all with the same software.

Mobile CRM
Take customer relationship management on a primitive device using mobile CRM application. Staff can also receive important alerts about a CRM program that is being conducted from a centralized location on a mobile device.

Sales Force Automation
Your CRM software has the ability to automate certain aspects of your sales including outgoing calls, follow-up campaigns and the organization of data for more effective campaigns. This will allow your staff to devote their man hours to more complex tasks.

Sales Forecasting
A large part of customer relationship management is determining a metric for success. Forecasting lets you know a benchmark by which you can determine whether your results are actually on par with your efforts. You can also use this data to determine where you need to direct future efforts.

Sales Collaboration
Do business with the best associates through the collaboration features within your management program. You can attract more sales by putting together people who work well by the numbers.

Email Client Integration
You can now gain all of the automation and the organization of a dedicated email client inside of your CRM user interface. Don’t depend on Outlook or IBM notes—find a CRM that will do double duty for you.

Workflow and Approvals
One of the ways in which your company will instantly increase its efficiency is by optimizing workflows. CRMs can facilitate optimization by automating processes like data collection and analysis, marketing campaigns, and other tasks that were previously done manually. They also often offer reporting and analytics to help users identify problem areas in order to improve them.

Territory Management
CRM solutions offer the ability to organize leads lists by geographic location and assign them to respective sales representatives. Divide and conquer!

Sales Data
Your CRM program will organize your sales and customer data into manageable chunks that can be used to inform all of the other data that you need to make decisions. You will be able to quantify measures that otherwise would have no data to consider.

CRM Data/File Storage
In order to maximize the organization of data, it must be properly stored. You gain a proprietary method of data storage so that the CRM program can pull up the data in an efficient manner. There will also be safeguards to protect and backup this important data to prevent losses and security breaches.

Files Sync and Share
CRM software functions as the synchronization platform for many of your outside programs. Because of the sharing features that CRM has, you can view all of your feature set from one platform.

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CRM Management Software, Lead management software, sales management software, sales software

CRM Software

Sales CRM software is a system that enables you to nurture relationships with customers and prospects to drive sales or sustain long-term profitability. It aggregates streams of customer data to surface insights that help you make better business decisions.

CRM Software

Why use CRM Software?
1. Generate insights for better resolutions.

You can consolidate disparate customer data to examine for patterns, trends, and other insights critical to strategic decisions or a timely response to market adjustment. Likewise, you can translate customer data streams from various sources like social media posts, support calls, and sales data to see the overall views on your brand.

2. Increase sales opportunities.

With more data on hand, you can qualify new leads faster and focus on promising prospects. You can also recognize which customers are terminated for an upsell, cross-sell, or sort out and reactivate dormant customers. Likewise, better engagement means customers are deposited happy and profitable in the long run.

3. Profile customers easily.

By organizing client data in a centralized database, anyone with access has a 360-degree view of clients. Information alike contact details, demographics, transaction history, support action are quickly retrievable by tags and filters.

4. Align sales and marketing.

Sales management software can feed on-the-ground data to help marketing craft campaigns and brand messages. Marketing can encourage sales with new leads in bulk. Both teams can share contacts, deals, and insights that fast-track the sales cycle.

5. Make an accurate sales forecast.

With a transparent sales pipeline, it’s easier to see what deals and tasks are coming in and out, what are moving and stagnating, giving you patterns for forecasting.

6. Keep track of customer social posts

You can maintain your social media pages from one place, making it easier to respond quickly to customer tirades, recognition, and brand mentions.

7. Collect data fast.

Sales Software can promptly store customer data on the field via mobile access. Support can save customer interactions in phone, email, chat with a few clicks. Marketing can automate the sorting of campaign feedback. Staff do less administration and work more on their core tasks.

8. Get real-time data.

Your reports and analytics use the latest data.

Key Features of CRM Software
1. Contact management.

Makes customer data in a centralized location. Contact details, demographics, transactions, customer service interactions, and other customer data are efficiently stored and retrieved.

2. Reporting and dashboards.

Combines streams of data in significant ways that help you to spot models, trends, management, and other market insights. Many CRM solutions can also create real-time data that makes reporting timelier and more accurate.

3. Lead management.

Manages leads from prospecting to regeneration. It lets you track sales activities, deals, and tasks and move them across sales stages. It also connects to contact management to let you view customer intercommunications and profiles in one window. Sales365cloud – Sales CRM solutions allow you to customize the pipeline stages.

4. Deals and Tasks.

Sales CRM Software lets you add, assign, and track actionable items and feed them into the sales pipeline. Deals and tasks can be automatically populated with customer data or modernized with real-time information.

5. Campaign management.

Manages campaigns from start to end, including fixing up target customers, automating workflows, and including success based on clearly specified metrics.

6. Email tracking.

Tracks opened or succeeded emails and normally works with popular email clients and mailers like Gmail, Outlook, and many others. Email tracing can be a part of campaign management.

7. Social media management.

Trace social media activity of your audience, such as likes and dislikes, comments, mentions, and shares. It can also be a part of campaign management or sold independently.

8. Mobile version.

Citta Solutions have Android and iOS app, and mobile responsive web application for

Sales CRM Software.
Main Purpose of CRM Software
Whatever solution you choose, make sure it has the following aspects to fulfill the main purpose of CRM software: nurture customer relationships.

1. Analytics.

The CRM software should do more than storing and retrieving data. It should be able to mine data, connect it, and analyze models to help you make insights for better choices. The more complex your business, the more difficult analytics you need.

2. Customization.

The CRM software should be customizable to fit your workflows or business scenario. It should give you control over data, access, approvals, and to some degree, interface design.

3. Scalability.

Can more advanced features or users be added? The software should be able to extend its functionalities as your business grows. It should be able to manage further contacts, leads, deals, tasks, and run more advanced campaigns or generate more complex reporting.

4. Integration.

The software should work with other popular business and productivity apps that you’re using. What are the most popular CRM combinations? These include popular email clients, mailers, document management, cloud storage, and calendars. It should also integrate with other customer-facing systems like salesforce automation, help desk, and content management systems.

5. Ease of use.

Setup should be fast, navigation is easy to follow, and the tools available. Overall, the Sales CRM software should be simple enough for casual users to guarantee employees will use it.

6. Mobile support.

How does Sales CRM software work when you step out of the office? Citta Solutions have an Android, iOS app or mobile responsive website version that you can access via smartphone or tablet.

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CRM Management Software, Lead management software, sales management software

Sales Lead Management Software help your business to close more leads

Our Sales CRM software Module is especially designed to help you fortify your company’s sales activities, better customer services and have complete control on company’s sales and marketing. Citta Solutions – Sales Management Software module aptly connects many interfaces right from design to distribution and from engineering to order processing.

Sales Management Software help to close more lead.jpg

In our Sales management system module, there is emphasis on additional features. With generation of extensive sales orders, you can also manage customer details along with it, Tracking minute to minute information like shipping or dispatch data, taxes associated with prices, etc. is also now possible with our sales modules. Account manager can beneficially use our account management software to generate the track records.
Here at Sales Lead Management Software, we offer you an all-in-one package by way of this Sales module and accounting software, something that is a must in a professional organization like yours. Here are some of the salient features of this module:

• Smart options to record everything – inquiries, prices, terms, quotations and orders.

• Complete control on order backlogs, delivery issues, return cases, etc.

• Ability to set your key performance indicators.

• Ability to position exclusive business metrics.

• Elaborate reports helping accurate analysis.

But beyond those broad attributes, there are some really peculiarities that make our Sales CRM software stand out:

• Sales Order Management:
A bouquet of features comes wrapped in our module’s Sales Order section:
o Speedy and perfect sales order processing.

o Error-free ordering overall.

o Information leading to strategic business decisions.

o Every sales detail pertaining to the sales representative, region/territory, etc.

o Intricate reports based upon sales orders processed.

o Convert reports / sheets into documentable files, as per ISO guidelines.

o Limitless shipment addresses storage.

• Accounting Management:

o Manage customer credits; integrate them with their limits and balances.

o Get smart computing options with in-built tax calculations.

o Track sales incentives, commissions, etc. to generate special report.

o Generate exact invoices electronically. o Simplified quote to order conversion.

• Sales Reports Management:

o Because of its extensive report generation options, you are better off in producing reports as per your needs, whether as per order status, against indents raised or according to the item being sold.

o With its versatile options, you can spot and get specific reports as for delayed shipments, pending orders, commissions paid, etc.

o Accurate tax calculation already considered, you can now track location specific tax liability as applicable.

o To analyze sales details and chalk a more futuristic plan, you can get territory-wise, customer-wise or sale representative-wise reports, as required.

o Track your top 10 customers that constitute majority of your business.

o Keep a close watch on your top 20 items in highlight.

Together with many customized alternatives, Citta Solutions Sales Management Software goes extra miles. So here is a complete software with every feature of which has been designed from your perspective!

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